About Us

Living the Dream in Paradise - Mike & Ine are proud owners of Slice of Heaven Charters operates as husband and wife team.

Mike is part Aitutaki part English, he is a qualified NZ builder (LBP) always had the desire that one day he will return to Aitutaki (not as a builder) to treasure the paradise he left behind. Always had a passion for fishing at a young age, Mike started off surfcasting of the rocks to owning 6 boats throughout the years.

Ine is a Cook Islander part Aitutaki part Mauke. Lived in the islands all her teen years and ventured abroad to become an Accountant. A very much outdoor person having fished and swam in the Motuhihi channel and Great Barrier Island Auckland, NZ is a regular weekend outing with her husband and kids.

Mike and Ine have two boys Maikara and Noah. Kids are NZ born and very much enjoying the freedom in Aitutaki and the leisure to join as part of the crew on occasion trips.